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China influenza report, 38th week, year 2012
According to the news from MOA, a HPAI H5N1 outbreak reported in Zhanjiang City of Guangdong Province
38 / 2012    Sep,16,2012 - Sep,22,2012    Sep,28,2012

China influenza report, 17th week, year 2012
A poultry HPAIV H5N1 outbreak reported in Zhongshan District of Dalian City, Liaoning Province, on 24th,April
17 / 2012    Apr,22,2012 - Apr,28,2012    Apr,26,2012

China influenza report, 16th week, year 2012
China s northwestern Ningxia Hui autonomous region has reported an outbreak of the highly epidemic H5N1 bird flu virus in poultry, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) announced Wednesday.
16 / 2012    Apr,15,2012 - Apr,21,2012    Apr,18,2012

China influenza report, 15th week, year 2012
A spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said on April 10 that the carcass of an Oriental magpie robin found in Hung Hom last week was confirmed to be H5N1-positive after a series of laboratory tests.
15 / 2012    Apr,8,2012 - Apr,14,2012    Apr,10,2012

China influenza report, 11th week, year 2012
A spokesman for AFCD said that the carcasses of a black-headed gull and a peregrine falcon found in Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan in early March were confirmed to be H5N1-positive after a series of laboratory tests.
11 / 2012    Mar,11,2012 - Mar,17,2012    Mar,12,2012

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