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China influenza report, 48th week, year 2007
A 24 year old man in east China s Jiangsu province died of bird flu on Sunday, the provincial health department reported.The young man s father was confirmed H5N1 positive by the MOH on Friday.
48 / 2007    Dec,2,2007 - Dec,8,2007    Dec,8,2007

China influenza report, 47th week, year 2007
Testing of a little egret found in Tuen Mun has confirmed a H5N1 positive avian flu case, the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department of HK SAR says.
47 / 2007    Nov,25,2007 - Dec,1,2007    Nov,25,2007

China influenza report, 37th week, year 2007
A HPAIV H5N1 outbreak reported in Panyu disctrict of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
37 / 2007    Sep,16,2007 - Sep,22,2007    Sep,18,2007

China influenza report, 23rd week, year 2007
The H5N1 virus has been detected in a daurian starling faecal swab sample taken from a pet shop in Yuen Po Street Bird Garden in Mong Kok.
23 / 2007    Jun,10,2007 - Jun,16,2007    Jun,17,2007

China influenza report, 22nd week, year 2007
The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of Hong Kong said on June 8 that the Common Magpie found earlier in Sha Tin was confirmed to be H5N1 positive after a series of laboratory tests.
22 / 2007    Jun,3,2007 - Jun,9,2007    Jun,9,2007

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