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China influenza report, 11th week, year 2008
China has confirmed that chickens found dead at markets in the southern Chinese city Guangdong died of the H5N1 virus.
11 / 2008    Mar,16,2008 - Mar,22,2008    Mar,19,2008

China influenza report, 10th week, year 2008
A sick peregrine falcon found in Ma Wan has tested positive in a preliminary examination for H5 avian flu, the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department of Hong Kong says, adding confirmatory tests are being conducted.
10 / 2008    Mar,9,2008 - Mar,15,2008    Mar,13,2008

China influenza report, 9th week, year 2008
An Oriental magpie robin found dead in Tai Po on February 29 has been confirmed H5N1-positive, the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department of Hong Kong says.
9 / 2008    Mar,2,2008 - Mar,8,2008    Mar,11,2008

China influenza report, 8th week, year 2008
A 44-year-old woman in southern China s GuangDong Province who tested positive for bird flu died on Monday.An outbreak of bird flu in poultry has been reported in China s southwestern mountainous province of Guizhou, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said
8 / 2008    Feb,24,2008 - Mar,1,2008    Feb,27,2008

China influenza report, 7th week, year 2008
China s Ministry of Health on Monday confirmed a human case of H5N1 bird flu in the central Hunan Province.A H5N1 HPAIV outbreak in LaSa was confirmed by National Referrence Lab on 17th, Feb. Where 132 poultry died, 7698 culled.H5N1 bird flu claimed it se
7 / 2008    Feb,17,2008 - Feb,23,2008    Feb,22,2008

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