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China influenza report, 52th week, year 2013
The Centre for Health Protection of HongKong is investigating a confirmed human case of influenza A (H9N2) affecting a man aged 86. Taiwan reported a H7N9 imported case. A H9N2 case reported in Hunan. Guizhou reported a H5N1 outbreak in poultry. Shanghai
52 / 2013    Dec,29,2013 - Jan,4,2014    Jan,4,2014

China influenza report, 50th week, year 2013
The authority announced a new human H7N9 case in Dongguan city, GuangDong province. Two H7N9 cases in Yangjiang City reported on Monday. A new H7N9 case in Shenzhen City reported on Thursday. A fatat human H10N8 case reported in Nanchang city on Tuesday.
50 / 2013    Dec,15,2013 - Dec,21,2013    Dec,27,2013

China influenza report, 49th week, year 2013
Samples taken from two live poultry markets in south China s Guangdong Province have tested positive for H7N9 bird flu
49 / 2013    Dec,8,2013 - Dec,14,2013    Dec,12,2013

China influenza report, 48th week, year 2013
two new H7N9 positive case confirmed in Zhejiang Province. Two human H7N9 confirmed in HongKong
48 / 2013    Dec,1,2013 - Dec,7,2013    Dec,9,2013

China influenza report, 44th week, year 2013
A boy confirmed to be H7N9 positive in GuangDong Province
44 / 2013    Nov,3,2013 - Nov,9,2013    Nov,5,2013

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