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China influenza report, 11th week, year 2007
Hong Kong officials have reported that a 9-month-old girl is infected with the strain of avian influenza known as A/H9N2, which has caused mild human illness in the city three times before and is considered capable of evolving into a pandemic strain.
11 / 2007    Mar,18,2007 - Mar,24,2007    Mar,24,2007

China influenza report, 9th week, year 2007
Poultry in the Tibetan capital Lhasa have tested positive for bird flu, state media said on Tuesday.A long-tailed shrike found dead on March 3 in the densely populated Hung Hom district was confirmed with H5N1 in HongKong
9 / 2007    Mar,4,2007 - Mar,10,2007    Mar,10,2007

China influenza report, 8th week, year 2007
A human H5N1 case confirmed in Jian Ou city, Nanping, Fujian Province. The patient, female, surname 44, were in hospital for treatment.Hong Kong,Preliminary testing of a Scaly-breasted Munia found in Sham Shui Po indicate it may have had H5 avian influenz
8 / 2007    Feb,25,2007 - Mar,3,2007    Mar,4,2007

China influenza report, 6th week, year 2007

6 / 2007    Feb,11,2007 - Feb,17,2007    Feb,11,2007

China influenza report, 2nd week, year 2007
Initial tests have shown two dead birds found in Hong Kong were infected with the milder strain of H5 avian flu, the agriculture department has said.
2 / 2007    Jan,14,2007 - Jan,20,2007    Jan,20,2007

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