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China influenza report, 47th week, year 2005
HPAI outbreak reported in of Turpan and Urumqi and Miquan cities of Xinjiang Province, Yinchuan city of Ningxia Province, Chuxiong city of Yunnan Province, Zalantun city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region A human case of H5N1 reported in Xiuning County o
47 / 2005    Nov,20,2005 - Nov,26,2005    Nov,27,2005

China influenza report, 46th week, year 2005
HPAI outbreak reported in Anhui, Hubei,Shanxi and Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia Province. confirmed H5N1 Human cases reported in Anhui and Hunan.
46 / 2005    Nov,13,2005 - Nov,19,2005    Nov,20,2005

China influenza report, 45th week, year 2005
H5N1 spread to more than 18 county in liaoning Province. Three suspected human AIV infection (one death) reported in Hunan Province. H5N1 outbreak reported in Jingshan County, Hubei Province.
45 / 2005    Nov,6,2005 - Nov,12,2005    Nov,12,2005

China influenza report, 44th week, year 2005
The bird flu epidemics spreaded more than 15 towns at Heishan county of Liaoning province.
44 / 2005    Oct,30,2005 - Nov,5,2005    Nov,14,2005

China influenza report, 43rd week, year 2005
H5N1 out break reported in Wantang village in Xiangtan county in Hunan Province
43 / 2005    Oct,23,2005 - Oct,29,2005    Nov,14,2005

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